DSC Franchise

  • Cost: ₹249
  • Estimated Time: Within 1 hour

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    DSC Franchise & Reseller Partnership

    DSC Franchise/Partner Program is quick, simple, and would be possible online with Taxxinn in 3 plain sailing steps


    Our Digital Signature Franchise or DSC partner (reseller) program is specifically designed to target companies engaged in the selling of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC), eSign Services, PKI Services, and related services. They can begin their own DSC company directly from India’s Approved Certificating Authority.

    Our comprehensive DSC Reseller Partner Program let Your company expand with us by integrating technically emerging technologies and providing the consumers value-for-money product & services. This program is designed to enable your company to build multi-level marketing platforms such that our complete stack of products and services lets your company reach a diverse audience.

    About Us

    We Taxxinn are channel controller of all leading digital signature certificate providers of eMudhra, Vsign, Sify, Ncode, Capricon. We are licensed to appoint a direct sales partner or reseller to issue a digital signature certificate

    Taxxinn is a firm that addresses the needs of digital signatures and tokens for our customers. Due to excellent quality, we have a large network of more than 10,000 + partners/reseller and we give our partners the cheapest price on the market. We work to ensure our partners have a quick turnaround time, therefore enabling their business growth. At Taxxinn we take quality very seriously whether it is the commodity, service or delivery to our partners. We want to make sure that our partners are highly happy and the highest benefit is extracted.

    Features of our partner program

    No Initial Deposit:
    There won’t be any initial deposit, unlike other providers. You have to only pay the amount equal to the quantity of product you purchase.

    The Partner First Company:
    We first work for your partners, we first retain our partners’ interests, we take care of the interests of our clients and provide them with the most advantageous plans.

    Selling Price is decided by Partners:
    Partners can create their own network and sell DSC at the price they want. They can set a price of their own on our product.

    Anonymous Reseller Program:
    Our partners may connect as many DSC resellers or end-users as they wish. Their client data are confidential and we do not keep their customer data at all.

    Earn Huge Profits:
    We are aiming for growth and expect our DSC reseller/partners to grow with us. Our collaborators gain huge profits by distributing DSC at great rates across industries.

    Training & Free Demonstration:
    We provide training and show them the demonstration of the process. We make sure all the doubts of our DSC partner are clarified.

    Instant Approval:
    Through our huge approval unit, we provide instant approval for issuing DSC and get the advantage of speedier approval.

    Who can be Our Partner/reseller for DSC?

    • Chartered Accountants / Company Secretary / Tax Consultant / Advocates.
    • RCTC Agents
    • TIN FCs
    • Already a Sub Dealer or Sub LRA.
    • Contractors / e-Tendering Vendors
    • Any Individual
    • Any Organization

    FAQs on DSC Franchise/Partner Program

    Yes, any individual can become a DSC partner.

    No, you are not required to pay an initial deposit.

    You can become a DSC partner with us within 1hr from you give the required documents.

    The below following documents are required

    • Pan copy
    • Aadhar copy
    • Email Id
    • Mobile number

    Yes, we do provide training and show you a demonstration.

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