Trademark Registration for Startups

Trademark Registration in India

What is a Trademark? “A trademark, in general, refers to a “brand” or “logo”. For a business name, distinctive catchphrases, taglines or captions, trademark registration may also be sought. Properly used and promoted, a trademark will become a company’s most valuable asset. Trademarks such as Coca-Cola, HP, Canon, Nike, and Adidas act as both an […]

ISO Certfication for Software Company

How to Get an ISO Certificate for Your Software Company?

ISO Certification for Software Company Companies in every field, including tech companies, will receive ISO 9001 certification. If you wish to run a highly effective management framework within your company, and if your customers and staff require a certain level of management efficiency, then ISO 9001 is your certification. The ISO 9001 guidelines detail how […]

Renew Digital Signature Certificate

How to Renew Expired Digital Signature Certificate? Process for DSC Renewal

What is a Digital Certificate?  A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a protected digital key provided by a certifying authority that certifies the identity of the holder (CA). It normally requires your identity (name, email, country, APNIC account name and your public key). Digital certificates use the Public Key Infrastructure, meaning that only the accompanying […]

One Person Company Registration in India

One Person Company Registration Fees and Documents Required to Register OPC

One Person Company Registration in India The One Person Company registration structure in India was initiated by the Companies Act of 2013 to help entrepreneurs who are capable of starting a venture on their own by encouraging them to create a single economic entity. One of the main advantages of a One Person Company (OPC) […]

Digital Signatures for Startups

Why Digital Signatures is Important for Startups?

A digital signature is an electronic signature used by senders of certain documents to demonstrate that they are the source of the document. They are incredible in ensuring the document’s safety and if the document gets interfered with during the sending process, due to the digital signature, the recipient will be able to know there […]

DSC Reseller

How To Become A DSC Partner/Reseller? Start a Digital Signature Business

DSC partner/reseller program is designed primarily to target companies engaged in the selling of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC), eSign Services, PKI Services, and related services. Anyone can start their own DSC firm directly from the Approved Certificating Authority of India. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a special USB device where the digital signatures of the […]

Apply Digital Signature Certificate Online

How To Apply Digital Signature Certificate Online?

  Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates (that is in electronic format). Drivers’ licenses, passports or membership cards are just some examples of physical certificates. For a certain purpose, certificates serve as proof of an individual’s identity; a driver’s license, for example, identifies someone who can legally drive […]

How to Legally Change Your Surname in India After the Marriage?

How to Legally Change Your Surname in India After the Marriage?

Marriage is a life-changing decision. And women are the ones that often require to change their surname after marriage. By default, the woman’s name changes, according to the Hindu Marriage Act, the husband’s name becomes her second name. So if the woman wishes to keep her maiden name, she can apply to a gazette officer […]

Legal Requirements for Startups in India

Complete List of Legal Requirements Before Starting Your Company

  Effective start-ups are powered by committed founders who are focused on building innovative ideas that offer consumer delight. Although it is very necessary to have a strong concentration on consumers and the industry, it is equally vital to have a complete understanding of the basic laws, regulations and rules that contribute to the smooth […]


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