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Name Change is a very common thing. Many people have different reasons for changing names. Taxxinn provides one of the best online name change services.

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    Individual Name Change Service

    Individual Name Change is quick, simple, and would be possible online with Taxxinn in 3 plain sailing steps.


    Name Change is a very common thing. Many people have different reasons for changing names. Some do this for good luck, others for marriage and some just want the spelling to change. Whatever the reason you change your name, it’s got to be officially done. Legal procedures are involved which are very lengthy and complex. Taxxinn provides one of the best online name change services.

    We broke down the process for the name change and explained in detail about the process for name change .The procedure involved in a change of name can be divided into a simple three-step process. If the steps are correctly followed, this can be done in very little time.

    • Our lawyers panel will assist you in applying for a name change.
    • In addition, Taxxinn is there to help you with the process of changing your name online.

    What Is a Name Change Affidavit?

    There can be many reasons to change an individual’s name, such as change of name after marriage, change of caste or religion, change of name etc. In certain cases, it is also possible that the person must have any letter in his or her name, or change of surname, etc. The applicant will apply with all the documents that are required. The affidavit helps to alter a candidate’s name.

    Types Of Name Change Affidavit

    Change of Name Affidavit

    This affidavit form allows you to fill in your old name, new name, current address, age, and name reason. for name change. Newspaper Publishing & Publishing in Indian Gazette is mandatory for an affidavit on Change of Name.

    Affidavit for Change of Name After Marriage

    This affidavit is used for anyone who would like to change their names after marriage. A copy of the marriage certificate and photos of yourself and your partner must be submitted along with a filled out form.

    Affidavit for Change of Name on the Passport

    The affidavit is used in the case of a passport name change due to spelling errors or a change of surname after marriage. The procedure is similar with a name change.

    Affidavit for Change of Name for Minors

    This affidavit must be filled out in cases of minor name changes. Parents or guardians need to submit the affidavit. The other procedures remain similar.

    Benefits Of A Name Change Affidavit

    • You can choose the future owner according to your wish that will create peace of mind for you.
    • Helps to build peace of life for your loved ones.
    • Protects the property or your money.
    • May give a clear cut picture of your wishes and exactly what you want after your death.
    • Reduce income tax.

    When To Use The Name Change Affidavit

    If you want to apply for a passport, visa, work or for some other reason you need to verify that you are a citizen. If you have changed your name then the main proof of your identity is an affidavit of the change of name. Online affidavit format, we offer different types of name change.

    The main conditions may be name change after marriage, name difference, name mismatch, name change in school records, change of surname, change of spelling etc.

    FAQs on Name Change

    If you were to change your name to avoid judgment, legal actions, debts or obligations, a petition will be rejected.

    • After marriage, name may be changed in many conditions
    • Change name in school records.
    • Name variation, name mismatch
    • Change of surname, change of spelling etc

    Go to the website of Taxxinn and you can find the application form for change of name there. You have only filled in the basic details and Taxxinn experts will take care of everything.

    Any parent or adult who maintains parental or custodial rights over a minor has a right to be informed when a name change is requested for a minor and must give consent or waiver of consent to legal actions involving the minor. The general rule is that both parents are required to agree to a minor’s name change. As a result, confusion may arise about whether to change the name of the minor, and a hearing before a judge is probable. Ultimately as stated above, the judge must decide what is in the child’s best interests. Therefore the reason for the change, such as adoption or bringing a stepchild into a family, should be important.

    It depends but it can take up to 20-30 days to complete.

    Update your name on all your IDs, accounts and essential documents. You’ll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate to change some of your identity papers (for example, your Social Security card).

    The legal document that allows you to do so is the divorce order if you want to return to your former last name following a divorce. It is recommended that you specifically order the judge handling your case during your divorce proceedings to make a formal decision in the divorce decree to restore your former or birth name and ensure that your last name change is recorded properly.

    Please fill in the name change online Change of name after marriage form available on our website and follow the process.

    Yeah, he’ll need to go through the process of legal name change.

    Yes. You need a change of identity Name Change to modify the name of the birth certificate.

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