How Do I Change My Name After a Divorce in India? Step-By-Step Process.

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The name change after divorce has become a trend in India. Either they remove the surname or change their name itself. In India, there are certain legal requirements and processes for changing your name after a divorce. You can change your name before getting a divorce judgement or after the divorce, whichever is comfortable for you.

The legal requirements, court procedures, and documentation related to the name change process are laid out in this blog. This article will take you through the legal procedures for name changes after divorce, whether you’re looking to go back to your maiden name or choose a whole new one as per your wish.

If You’re Yet to Get a Divorce:

The most suitable course of action is to request your name change while the divorce is under process. A legal name change request can be made in the divorce papers or even in the marriage settlement agreement. Your new name will be included in the divorce judgement or order if the magistrate signs off on it and grants your legal online name change.

If You’re Already Divorced:

If the divorce decision failed to include reverting to your previous name, you’ll need to fill out an application for a name change to a gazette. While you would formally resume using your maiden name, the law requires you to go through an official procedure to alter your name.

Before deciding to change their name, a person should give it great thought.

Documents Needed for a Name Change After Divorce:

  • Divorce papers (Divorce Deed or Divorce Decree)
  • Affidavit for Name Change
  • Advertisement in the newspaper (original and photocopy of the advertisement appearing in the newspaper)
  • Prescribed proforma for change of name.
    • Full Name
    • Address
    • Mobile Number
  • Two self-attested passport-size photos
  • Compact disc (CD) with a soft copy of the paperwork that has no witness information. The applicant’s previous name should be written in place of their signature.
  • A document certifying the similarity of the information on the CD and the hard copy.
  • Photocopy of identity proof of the applicant (a photocopy of any one of the following documents will suffice: (Aadhar card, passport, voter ID card, driving licence)
  • Demand draft (DD) for payment of fees.

A Series of Steps That Must Be Followed for a Name Change After a Divorce:

Affidavit about the name change after divorce

 The first and foremost step in changing your name after divorce is to make an affidavit. This affidavit has to be printed on a stamp paper of value, as mentioned by the local notary, and this procedure requires the legal signature of two persons of gazette officer’s rank, along with a rubber stamp. A copy of the affidavit must be saved for any upcoming legal requirements.

Indians who reside outside of India can legally change their name by filing a deed that has been duly witnessed by the Indian High Commission or the Indian Embassy.

Publication about the name change after divorce in the newspaper

Publish an advertisement about your name change in at least two newspapers; one of them should be in English and the other in the local language. Your present name, a suggestion for a new name, and a declaration that you want to change your name following divorce should all be included in the advertisement. Keep copies of the newspapers in which advertisements have been published.

Publication of the name change after divorce in the official gazette

With the publication of the Gazette, the process is complete. The publication of a gazette notice of a name change is required for government employees. However, as it serves as a significant piece of evidence supporting the claim, it is recommended for everyone. The applicant and two witnesses have to fill out and sign a required form. Send this application and the necessary paperwork to the Department of Publication for the name change to appear in the Official Gazette. Your name will be published in the acknowledged national gazette following the submission of an initial name change application.

Once your name change has been officially announced in the Gazette, you can now notify all relevant organisations, such as your bank, college, and place of employment, that your name has changed.


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