What are the Different types and classes of Digital Signature certificates?

Types and Classes of Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital impression of a person’s signature is called a digital signature certificate (DSC). It is used as a tool for the online verification of a person or an organization. DSC, to put it simply, is an electronic certificate that confirms one’s identity. 

Using DSC, one can easily obtain all the information about a person or an entity. In India, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) must be provided by authorized organizations. DSCs are used all over the world.

A digital certificate known as a digital signature certificate proves the owner’s identity. Asymmetric cryptography is used to simulate the security characteristics of a handwritten signature on paper using digital signatures. It allows the holder to prove his identity and functions similarly to a PAN card or passport.

Types of Digital Signature Certificates


   Only document signing can be done with sign certificates. This digital signing solution can certify PDF files or documents for the submission of GST returns, MCA, and other web-based services, as well as for income tax returns. It verifies the veracity of the data and verifies the identity of the user.


  This DSC certificate is used to encrypt files, documents, or sensitive information. It aids businesses or organizations in encrypting and uploading their documents to tender portals. This certificate can be used to securely encrypt and send personal information. For e-commerce documents, e-tender filing documents, legal documents, and other confidential records, Encrypt DSC is frequently appropriate. As a stand-alone digital signing tool, our Encrypt certificate is available for purchase.

Signature and Encryption:

  This digital signature certificate for Sign and Encrypt can be used for both signing and encrypting procedures. It is primarily used for submitting applications, documents, and forms to the government. It is best suited for users who need to authenticate and uphold the privacy of transmitted data. 

Classes in Digital Signature Certificate.

The kind of DSC one should apply for depending on the situation depends on the kind of candidate and the purpose for which the digital signature certificate is obtained. The certifying authorities issue digital signature certificates in one of three classes.

Class 1

Private individuals are approved as Class 1 digital signature certificates. This certificate confirms that the person’s information matches exactly and is in agreement with the information that they have provided online to various databases. 

Application: It confirms the client’s name and email address as they appear in the CA database. 

Verification Requirements :

  • Aadhaar e-KYC biometric identification
  • e-KYC OTP + video verification for Aadhaar. 
  • Application form on paper. 
  • Software may be used to generate and store private keys.

Class 2

The certifying authorities issue Class 2 DSC to individuals with signing authority, such as CEOs and Directors. They are able to use Class 2 DSC for government e-forms such as Income Tax Returns (ITR), GST Returns (GSTR), and others.

In other words, Certificates for Class 2 digital signatures are issued to both private individuals and businesses. Along with Name and Email Ids, it also looks into additional information and establishes the accuracy of that information using the client’s information as provided in the CA data set. This certificate’s main function is to confirm the signer’s information.

Applicability: It confirms the client’s information that has already been cited. It is used when filling out various forms, enrolling online, and other processes. 

Below are some additional uses for Class 2 digital signature certificates. 

1.MCA e-filing 

2.Income Tax

3. IE code registration

4. LLP registration

5. Form 16 email attestation 

Verification specifications: 

  • eKYC Biometric Aadhaar 
  • eKYC OTP + video verification for Aadhaar 
  • Printed-out application form 
  • Hardware must be used to generate and store the private keys.

Note: DSC is now sold in only one class: Class-3. There will be no more Class-2 sold in 2021 as per CCA guidelines.

Class 3

We provide Class 3 DSC in accordance with IVG recommendations, which is the most secure and reliable type of certificate. Its applications are derived in environments where data security and safety are of utmost importance. 

This digital signature certificate is used in a variety of situations, including the submission of tenders, electronic purchases, online trading, etc. These procedures involve sizable monetary exchanges and the signer’s private information, both of which can only be protected by DSC. 

Class 3 digital signature certificates can be used to access the following services: 


2. MCA E-filing

3.Patent and Trademark

4. Income Tax e-filing

5. E-filing LLP registration 

6. GST Application filing

7. E-Procurement

8. E-Bidding

9. E-Auction

10. Court Filings

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