How to Legally Change Your Surname in India After the Marriage?

How to Legally Change Your Surname in India After the Marriage?

Marriage is a life-changing decision. And women are the ones that often require to change their surname after marriage. By default, the woman’s name changes, according to the Hindu Marriage Act, the husband’s name becomes her second name. So if the woman wishes to keep her maiden name, she can apply to a gazette officer for the same. It would then be reported in the newspaper. However, it is also not necessary to change surname after marriage. The name changing process is a short process but might take up some effort and time to complete. According to Indian Law, a person or an individual cannot change their name more than one time and hence it is advised that people take utmost precaution while changing their name and check every process thoroughly.

The key aspects of legally changing your surname in India are making an affidavit followed by notarizing the affidavit and later placing an advertisement in newspapers and local dailies after which publishing it in a gazette and the last part is changing the name in other documents.

Drafting an Affidavit

The very first step is to produce an affidavit specifying your information and your plan to change your surname or your last name now that you are married. Details such as your maiden name, proposed new name, husband’s name, your address and often a copy of your marriage certificate will also be needed for the affidavit. On the affidavit, put your signature and attach a picture of yours too. If your affidavit is ready, print it with the recommended value on stamp paper which is usually around INR 10/-.

Affidavit Being Notarised

To get this done, you should simply visit a notary. If you are overseas, have your affidavit approved by the embassy. When your affidavit is notarized, you’re good to go and almost half the work is done.

Publishing in Newspapers

Once you have your affidavit notarized, you will have to publish an advertisement about the same in two local newspapers. One advertisement should be in a local language newspaper and the other in an English newspaper. As most newspapers have a section dedicated to such advertising, this should be simple.


Publishing in Gazette

Approach the Controller of Publication of any Govt. press and they should guide you with the internal procedures. You may have to present the affidavit prepared in Step 1 along with other valid ID proofs, clippings of the newspaper ads and documents. Pay the appropriate fee and you will be notified of a future date on which the publication will appear. Keep copies of this for future reference. Gazette publication is the final step in changing your name officially. A step for government employees only, although this can also be done by others to remain on the safer side.

Changing Name in Other Documents

PAN Card: Submit an application with a copy of a marriage certificate or affidavit from the gazette as proof of the change of name to the Pan Service Unit of Income Tax.

Passport: Apply for a new passport with the previous or old passport, a marriage certificate, a copy of the husband’s passport, and other documents to alter the passport’s name.

Banks: Change the current name of your bank account. To show the reason for your name change, attach the affidavit or the marriage certificate as a supporting document.

Driving License: Apply an application to the RTO for further processing, with a marriage certificate, form LLD, form 1, address proof, initial driving license, ID proof and processing fee.

You can also inform other institutions like college, university and workplace.

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