How to Legally Change the Name of a Minor in India ?

Legally changing a minor's name in India

In India, changing a minor’s name necessitates going through the proper channels. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor, and name changes can occur for a number of reasons, including adoption, marriage, and personal preference.

In India, a minor’s name can be changed by filing an application to the relevant authorities, meeting specific requirements, and paying the necessary fees.This legal procedure  slightly differs from the process for changing the name of an adult.. This article will walk you through the process of legally changing a minor’s name in India.

Reasons for Minor Name Change:

  • Religion Change
  • Dissatisfaction with name
  • Numerology Reasons
  • Astrology Reasons
  • Wrong Name in official Record
  • Child Adoption
  • Spelling Errors

Step by Step Legal Procedures:

 If your reasons are listed above, the following steps must be taken. Here is a comprehensive, in-depth guide to changing a minor’s name legally.

Step 1: Produce an affidavit 

Making an affidavit outlining the justification for the name change of minors is the first step in the procedure. The following information must be included in the affidavit, which can be written at any notary public in the area. 

  • Name, address, and parent’s age of the minor. 
  • Minor’s birthplace, given name, date of birth, and DOB. 
  • the justification for the minor’s name change. 
  • Date that the affidavit was originally written. 

Additionally, the parent who is requesting the minor’s name change must sign it.

Step 2:  Newspaper publication 

After you finish the previous step, the subsequent step, Publication in Newspaper, is put into action. 

You must place an advertisement in two local newspapers, one in the regional language of Hindi and another in an English newspaper, announcing your name change. 

Important information that should be in the newspaper publication: 

  • Date 
  • New Name of Minor 
  • Previous Name of Minor 
  • Age of the Minor’s Full Address, as well as the Notary’s name who signed the affidavit.
  • Minor’s father’s name 

Always double-check the advertisement to ensure that all the information provided is accurate before submitting it for publication in the newspaper. Your entire process could be ruined by a simple error. Keep a few copies of the advertisement as well.

Step 3: Publishing the Name Change in the Indian Official Gazette 

Now you must submit an application, along with the required paperwork and a DD for the required fee, to publish the name change of minor notification in the Indian Gazette. 

Send the following paperwork to the Department of Publication of Name Change right away. 

An agreement duly signed by the parent or legal guardian that includes the minor’s name, address, and age. If the minor resides abroad, the declaration must be properly attested and delivered to the Gazette office by the Indian high commission or Indian embassy. 

A replica of the newspaper ad. 

A soft copy must be submitted with a duplicate proforma. The minor’s parents and two witnesses must attest to it.

Parents and minors must both have two passport-size photos that are self-attested. 

proof of the Minor’s photo ID. 

Certificate confirming the similarity of the content between the hard copy and the soft copy. A signature from the applicant is required. 

The procedure will be finished once the gazette notice is published.

Documents Required for Minor Name Change 

Name changes are possible for both adults and minors, but different documentation is needed in each situation. Here is a list of the paperwork needed for minors to change their names. 

  • Identity Verification:  School ID or Aadhaar Card 
  • Age Proof              :   Minor’s Birth Certificate
  • Address Proof       :   Aadhaar Card 
  • One passport-sized image Application for Photos: duly signed, if possible, by the minor and the parent or guardian .

 All documents must be in JPEG format because the entire process is done online.

In conclusion 

You must legally change your child’s name in order to prevent future unjustified and pointless legal accusations. Make sure you don’t miss any of the aforementioned steps in order to successfully complete the name change process. 

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