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Online Gumasta License Renewal

In Maharashtra, a Gumasta License needs to be obtained if you wish to open a shop or begin a business operation. When you are thinking about opening a shop or business operation in any other part of the country, then you need first to get a shop and establishment act to start that shop. The Bombay Shops and Establishment Act in Mumbai provides registration certificates for several types of businesses, notably the gumasta license. If ten or more workers are working for a company, it is obligatory for all businesses, making it a necessity for them. 

Gumasta License can be used as an essential component of evidence proving the existence of a company, firm, or business to qualify for anybody to be allowed legal authorization to manage that company as well as exclusive rights regarding that business. After obtaining a Gumasta license, it’s essential to renew the license from time to time. You might have to deal with legal consequences if you don’t renew the license. A Gumasta license is additionally essential for establishing a current account in a bank or acquiring a loan from a bank. The license is also necessary to obtain other essential records like GST identification numbers and PAN cards.

Are you confused about how you should begin with the Gumasta license renewal online? We will lead you through every step of renewing your Gumasta License online in this article. It’s vital to keep the license streamlined because businesses need to be suitable to operate legally.

Revised Gumasta Regulations in Mumbai (BMC)

  • For a maximum of 9 employees, a gumasta license is not mandatory.
  • Gumasta can be applied to organisations having more than 9 employees working on-premises.

Documents Required For Gumasta License Renewal

Since the request for renewal has to be submitted online, it is generally advisable to get the documents that need to be included digitised. The information that follows needs to be maintained on hand at all times:

  • Document the physical location of a business or structure.
  • A self-declaration has to be prepared exactly with the guidelines on the website.
  • For attestation, a self-declaration has to be composed according to the format provided on the website.
  • An undertaking in the form of a document specified.
  • A digital copy of an employer’s photo.
  • A digital signature of the employer.
  • A driving license, passport, Aadhar card, or PAN card could be utilised as the applicant’s identity proof.
  • Verification of the address of the business location.
  •  A copy of the invoice for the fee that has been paid. (It is only necessary for veteran users)

It’s essential to keep in mind that all additional documents must have files between 75 KB to 100 KB in size. A digital signature should have a file size of 9 to 15 KB and the image’s file size must be in the range of 20 to 30 KB.

Shop and Establishment Act Registration Online

Requirements For Renewing the Gumasta License

  • It should be within the time frame of expiration.
  • Each of the documents mentioned above needs to be easily accessible.
  • Additionally needed is a copy of the existing license. 

Gumasta License Renewal Online Process

By executing these procedures, anyone can submit a request for Gumasta renewal online:

  • Sign in to by clicking the link and accessing the website.
  • Completing the application form with all the necessary details that are required.
  • Upload all of the essential documents for the application.
  • Paying the mandatory fee that is due.
  • Make a request for a renewal.
  • Check your application’s status to determine whether the application has been “approved” or “rejected.” 
  • The certificate of registration can be downloaded after approval.

Gumasta License Validity

The Gumasta license has validity for 12 months. The procedure for renewing the license must be begun 30 days before it expires, so this is a key point that should be kept in consideration.

Penalty: Heavy fines are imposed on any business entrepreneur who fails to submit the necessary registration information or operates an office without a gumasta license. A penalty fee equal to 50% of the whole renewal amount will be imposed if their Gumasta License has expired and the business owner hasn’t renewed it.


The most crucial document to have when launching a business with more than 9 employees is a gumasta license since it is required by legislation. If you are running a business in Mumbai, you can apply for a Gumasta license online through the website of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Once you’ve obtained this license, you need to renew the gumasta license within the allotted period; if you don’t, then you may be subject to legal consequences. If this happens to be your circumstance, you should take into consideration the aforementioned points. At we help you to get the shop and establishment license without any hurdles at a reasonable price.

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