What are the different types of Trademark classes in India? Find the right class

types of Trademark classes in India

What is a Trademark?

 Any term, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these things that distinguishes your goods or services can be used as a trademark. It’s how clients know you and tell you apart from your competition in the marketplace.

Both trademarks and service marks are referred to as “trademarks”.There are different types of trademark classes. For commodities, a trademark is utilised, whereas for services, a service mark is utilised.

A trademark is a term or phrase that identifies a product or service. Identifies where your products or services came from. Ensures that your brand is legally protected. Helps in the prevention of forgery and counterfeiting.

A common misunderstanding is that owning a trademark entitles you to legal ownership of a certain term or phrase and the ability to restrict others from using it. However, you only have rights to how the term or phrase is used with your specific goods or services, not to the term or phrase in general.

What is a Trademark Class?

The NICE classification for a trademark, also known as the International Certification of Goods and Services, divides trademarks into 45 different classes. Each trademark class denotes a different group of goods and services.

People can also do a trademark search using the trademark classifications of goods and services. As a result, trademark applicants can select the proper trademark classes for their products or services when filing a trademark application.

When choosing a suitable class for trademark registration for products and services, a trademark search is performed. The first stage in trademark registration is to do a trademark search. Only if the required trademark is available in the corresponding class may the application procedure proceed.

Types Of Trademark:

Word mark: 

The name, words, or any language consisting of a mix of letters and figures by which a product or service is offered to the markets is referred to as a Word Mark.

Symbolic Marks/Logos: 

The device markings are another name for figurative markings. A Figurative Mark is made up of a figure, a word, or a combination of words and a figure. These figurative markings include “word marks” that are created using certain fonts, colours, or layouts.

Shape Marks:

These are any things, items, or packaging that have a distinctive two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape or configuration. It’s worth noting that the forms must be able to function as a trademark in the markets in question.

Color Marks:

A colour mark is a distinctive colour or an unique mix of colours that serves to identify a connected product or service.

Sound Mark:

Any unmatched and unique sound, melody, or song associated with a product or service is referred to as a Sound Mark.

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Goods and Services Trademark Classification:

The Nice Classification, a globally recognised worldwide classification of products and services, has 45 distinctive types of items and services generated across various economic sectors. This trademark classification of products and services is particularly useful for registering trademarks/service marks under a variety of international agreements relating to them.

As shown below, 34 of these 45 broad categories of products and services are trademarks, while the remaining 11 are service marks:

Goods & Products

Class 1: Chemicals, Resins, and Plastics.

Class 2: Varnishes, Paints, and Anti-corrosion substances

Class 3: Cosmetics, Hair Oils and Lotions, and Cleaning Preparations

Class 4: Greases, Lubricants, and Fuels

Class 5: Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Sanitary Preparations

Class 6: Metal castings, hardware, locks and safes, common metals and alloys, and construction materials  

Class 7: Except for land vehicles, machines and machine components, incubators for eggs.

Class 8: Cutlery, razors, and other implements and hand tools

Class 9: Scientific and electrical apparatus

Class 10: Surgical, medical, and dental instruments, as well as prosthetic limbs, eyes, and teeth.

Class 11: Accounting consultancy

Class 12: Professional services in the field of taxes accounting

Class 13: Consultation on Accounting

Class 14: services related to accounting

Class 15: Mergers and acquisitions accounting services

Class 16: Paper Goods and Printed Matter

Class 17: Rubber Goods

Class 18: Leather Goods

Class 19: Non-metallic Building Materials

Class 20: Furniture and Articles Not Otherwise Classified

Class 21: Utensils for the kitchen, household appliances, and glassware

Class 22: Ropes and Cordage, Fibers, and Stuffing materials

Class 23: Threads and Yarns for uses in textiles

Class 24: Textiles and Fabrics

Class 25: Apparels and Clothing 

Class 26: Fringes and Fancy Goods and Products 

Class 27: Floor Coverings and Wall Hangings 

Class 28: Toys, Sporting, and Sports Goods 

Class 29: Meats and Processed Food Items

 Class 30: Auxiliary Food and Beverage Items

 Class 31: Natural agricultural products

 Class 32: Light beverages

 Class 33: Wines and spirits

 Class 34: Smoking articles

 Class 35: Advertising and business


Class 36: is for Insurance and Financial Services

Class 37: is for Building, Construction and Repair Services 

Class 38: is for Telecommunication Services 

Class 39: is for Transportation and Storage Services

Class 40: is for Treatment of Materials Services 

Class 41: Education and Entertainment

Class 42: Computer, Scientific and Legal 

Class 43: Hotels and Restaurants 

Class 44: Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural.

Class 45: Personal and Social Services

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