FoSCoS FSSAI Registration – A Detailed Guide.

FoSCos FSSAI registration

The Food Safety & Standards Act of 2006 established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). An FSSAI registration or licence is a mandatory requirement for all Food Business Operators (FBOs). The registration procedure begins through this platform.

Abbreviated as FoSCoS, Food Safety and Compliance Systems emerged in 2012 to ensure unhindered growth of the food industry. It is responsible for granting FSSAI licences and registrations across India, regulated by FSSAI.

The transition from FLRS to FoSCoS marked a significant shift. The licensing approach needed to shift from registration across India. The outdated and slow FLRS system, which faced criticism, led to the creation of FoSCoS. As a result, FoSCoS continues to evolve, enhance, and innovate while operating under constant supervision and control. This article offers comprehensive details about the FoSCoS FSSAI registration process.

Objectives for the FoSCos FSSAI 

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, known as FoSCoS or FSSAI, has several key objectives:

  • The primary objective of FSSAI is to safeguard and promote public health by regulating and monitoring food safety throughout India.
  • FSSAI focuses on ensuring that food items in India are safe and healthy for human consumption. This involves establishing and enforcing food safety and standards regulations and overseeing and tracking food products to ensure their compliance with these regulations.
  • Food businesses are required to obtain licences and registrations from FSSAI. The organization is also responsible for ensuring that these businesses adhere to relevant food safety guidelines. This includes conducting assessments at food production and processing facilities, investigating instances where organizations violate food safety regulations and taking appropriate legal measures.
  • FSSAI plays a crucial role in raising awareness and educating various stakeholders, including the general public, the food industry, and consumers, about safe food practices. This includes providing information to the public about nutrition and food safety, as well as training employees in the food industry to strictly follow food safety regulations.
  • Furthermore, FSSAI provides scientific and technical support to various parties involved in the food industry, including food industry operators, government organisations, and researchers. This support aims to promote food safety and enhance the overall quality of food products in India.
Apply for FSSAI Online

How to Apply FoSCos FSSAI on FoSCoS Portal?

  1. The individual applying for a new license must visit the FoSCoS page. The procedures are relatively straightforward, as they need to choose options from the website’s dropdown/page list of items.
  1. Based on the food business’s location, the website offers three potential options for businesses seeking a new license.
  1. Next, the food business operator (FBO) must determine the eventual location of their business premises. Using the dropdown menu, the FBO should select the state in which they intend to operate. If the business is to be conducted on railway premises, the FBO must also specify the train station. Similarly, for operations at an airport or seaport, the FBO needs to select the specific location from the provided choices.
  1. Subsequently, the FBO must decide on the specific type of business they wish to run. The FoSCoS portal refers to this as the “Kind of Business” (KoB). There are various possibilities, such as production, business/retail, dining establishments, central government agencies, or corporate headquarters. Within the chosen category, the FBO should further specify the exact type of operation. For instance, under the manufacturing category, options include dairy units, vegetable oil processing units, meat processing units, fish and fish products, food/nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, etc.
  1. Similarly, when operating at a railway station or airport/seaport, the FBO needs to select the appropriate type of organization from the provided list.
  1. FBOs with a turnover of less than twelve lakhs require an FSSAI FoSCoS Basic License. If the annual revenue falls between 12 lakhs and 20 crores, FBOs need an FSSAI FoSCoS State License. FBOs with an annual revenue exceeding twenty crores must obtain an FSSAI FoSCoS Central License.
  1. Even for existing users, the dashboard offers all the necessary information.
FSSAI Application Process

Benefits of New FoSCos FSSAI Registration User Identification

  • Gathering primary and secondary contact information will enable the provision of notifications and retrieval of forgotten OTPs to both the food business and the individuals who have provided application assistance.
  • The new method will also simplify the process of changing user ID passwords. FBOs can change their passwords by entering their application, licence, or registration number. Upon entering this information, both the primary and backup email addresses, as well as phone numbers, will receive a password reset OTP.
  • A tool named “Know your new user-id” has recently been added to the FoSCoS login business website. This addition aims to make it easier for FBOs to identify their newly created user IDs. By entering their current user ID, users can access the application.


  • To obtain the basic FSSAI registration, the fee for one year is 100 rupees.
  • FoSCos FSSAI Licence Fees – Around  Rs.2000 to Rs.5,000 a year to obtain an FSSAI State Licence.
  • Obtaining a Central FSSAI Licence costs Rs. 7500 per year.


In 2012, FoSCoS implemented a significant enhancement by replacing the obsolete FLRS, thereby revamping the authorisation system. The Indian government’s commitment to modernization is evident through its website updates. FoSCoS’s efficient upgrade has not only enhanced the system’s functionality but has also optimised business operations throughout India. If you’re seeking comprehensive insights into FoSCoS FSSAI Registration in India, including its implementation, the professionals at Taxxinn will provide you with expert guidance tailored to your inquiry.

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