Modification of FSSAI Licence | Guide to Streamline Your Food Business.

Modification of FSSAI Licence

The Indian Government’s Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 oversees the process of modifying FSSAI procedures, under the supervision of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Every food business operator (FBO) in India must obtain an FSSAI licence. In the dynamic commercial world, change is inevitable. Ensuring that any changes to the food business’s operations comply with legal requirements is crucial as the company evolves, expands, or adjusts its operations.

The FSSAI licence reflects a commitment to consumer safety and product quality. Food business operators (FBOs) are required to inform the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) of any proposed business modifications within an acceptable timeframe. Changes in business type, product volume, product category, manufacturing process, and more must adhere to regulations.

However, if any modifications need to be made after the official issuance of the FSSAI Licence or Registration (Form C), an application for alteration is necessary. These modifications encompass changes to the FBO’s identity, location, contact information, or business type, among other aspects. This article outlines the most convenient method for applying online to modify the FSSAI licence.

Types of FSSAI Licence Modifications

There are two sorts of modifications that affect an FSSAI licence or registration:

  • Form C Modification of FSSAI – To alter the data recorded on Form C.
  • Non-Form C Modification of FSSAI – Modification of the supporting documents and data.

Online FSSAI Licence Modification Process

1. Visit the FSSAI Portal: Food Business Operators (FBOs) need to log in to the FSSAI FoSCoS webpage to apply for modifications to their FSSAI Licence. This newly developed webpage is specifically designed to handle all matters related to FSSAI licences. Click on the “Modification of Licence and Registration” tab on the webpage.

2. Create an Account: If FBOs haven’t created an account yet, they can do so by providing their details. For those with existing accounts, simply enter the user ID and password to access the account.

3. Select a Modification Category: Depending on the required modification type, FBOs must choose the appropriate modification category after logging in. This could involve changes to the FSSAI address or modifications to the FSSAI licence.

4. Complete the Application Form: After selecting the modification category, FBOs should promptly fill out the application form with accurate data.

5. Ensure Correct and Updated Data: FBOs are responsible for verifying the accuracy and currency of all information provided on the online application form.

Apply for FSSAI Online

6. Upload Supporting Documentation: Once the preliminary application form is completed, FBOs need to submit it along with supporting documentation. This may include a printed copy of the FSSAI licence, address confirmation, PAN card, and other relevant documents.

7. Submit the Applicable Fees: During the modification process, FBOs should be prepared to pay the relevant fees after uploading the necessary documentation. Various online payment methods are accepted.

8. Submit the Application: Once the required fees have been paid, FBOs should remember to submit the application. Upon receipt of the application, an assigned reference number will be provided to facilitate future tracking.

FSSAI Modification Charges

FSSAI Licence and certificate modifications cost Rs. 1000 to modify a licence and Rs. 100 to obtain registration.

Documents Required for Modification of FSSAI Licence

FBOs must upload the following documents when applying:

  • Any modifications made to the records or data submitted when obtaining the previous food business licence.
  • An official document certifying the acceptance of the food safety management system.
  • Physical fitness certificates for every worker within the business.
  • Information about the technical workers responsible for overseeing operations.


For an organisation to develop and expand, modifications often have to be made. It might be essential to alter Form C for an array of reasons, which includes the addition of new businesses, modifications to addresses, alterations in communication data, as well as modifications to the product categories, among others as well.  The modification of the FSSAI licence is solely accessible to applicants who currently hold a food licence. The FBO needs to apply again after three months of the cancellation of an agreement. The procedure of preparing documentation for application could get significantly easier with the help of experts in the field. At Taxxinn, we help you to modify your FSSAI licence through a hassle-free process at a reasonable price.

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