How to Check ITR Filing Status? | A Step-by-Step Guide.

how to check ITR filing status

If you are an individual taxpayer and the total annual revenue exceeds INR 2,50,000, you have to submit your income tax returns. So it must be accomplished in advance of the deadline to prevent any negative consequences.

It becomes essential that you maintain track of everything once you have figured out how to file your tax returns in every detail. Tracking the status of income tax return e-filing is one of the simplest methods. You will be sure that you’re prepared for any unanticipated changes the income-tax department might have received by keeping track of the status of your income-tax e- return. 
A lot of individuals desire to ensure for sure that they followed the steps precisely and that their ITR was filed correctly after completing the process. The Department of IT has created a web-based alternative available on the official website that allows you to keep track of the status of your ITR. An individual can verify the current status of the document by ensuring they have the ITR acknowledgement number and a registered mobile number. This article will answer the question of how to check ITR Filing status? describe each step you must complete to obtain your status, regardless of if you have an income tax on the website login.

Steps to Check ITR e-Filing Status

  1. Proceed by browsing to the e-Filing portal the webpage that functions as an entry point.
  2. When you’ve been on the first page of the website, search for and select the “Income Tax Return (ITR) Status” option. The particular page for ITR status updates is going to be accessed once you’ve performed this action.
  3. Two essential bits of data must be included on the Right Income Tax Return (ITR) Status page. Initially provide the acknowledgement number, and the unique code associated with your ITR submission. In addition, furnish an active phone number that is at the moment in use. Select the “Continue” option following completing the following data to proceed forward.
  4. The 6-digit One-Time Password (OTP) will be generated and delivered to your mobile device in the step that follows utilising the details that you furnished earlier. Please make sure that the specified field obtains an appropriate entry of this OTP. To proceed with the authentication procedure shortly after entering the OTP, select the “Submit” button.

A site called gateway will appear upon successful confirmation, providing you permission to see the progress of your ITR filing.


Procedure for ITR e-Filing Status After Logging in 

  1. Utilise your legal login information, which includes a user ID and password which have been successfully authorised, to log into the e-Filing site and get began.
  2. Then select “Income Tax Returns” from the resulting dropdown menu after selecting the “e-File” option. By performing this action, a submenu will show up from which you must select “View Filed Returns.”
  3. An overview of all aspects of your previously filed returns will be displayed when you are on the section of the website dedicated to “View Filed Returns.” The ITR-V Acknowledgement, the uploaded JSON file (created using the offline software), the whole ITR form in PDF format, and the notification of order were just a few of the significant documents which you are going to have the benefit of obtaining. A user-friendly array of options on the right side of the screen enables you to access these priceless resources.

Applying this comprehensive, step-by-step procedure will make it easy for you to use the e-Filing portal and learn essential information about the status of your ITR filing.


The income tax returns (ITR) status check is not a complex procedure. You may track the status of the form of your income tax return by utilising the different online resources furnished by the income tax department and by following the simple procedures explained in this article. At Taxxinn, we help you to file your ITR without any hassle.

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