How to get Digital Signature For e-Tendering Online? Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature For e-Tendering Online

What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses techniques and signature keys that are associated with the signatory. To create signatures, digital signatures make use of public key encryption methods. Electronic documents, transactions, and digital communications will all benefit from digital signatures as documentation of source, identification, and status. They may also be used to accept informed consent by signers.

What type of Digital Signature is required for e-Tendering?

For E-tendering purposes class 3 digital signature and encryption certificates are needed. Class 3 digital signature and encryption certificate are combined known as class 3 combo.

The upgraded version of the Class 2 digital signature certificate is the Class 3 digital signature certificate. You may participate/bid in any form of online tenders/auctions throughout India with this certificate. Any vendor must use a Class 3 Digital Signatures Certificate to participate in the e-tendering process. Receipts and acknowledgements are given automatically because records are submitted to a central spot. papers, on the other hand, must be checked and validated before being processed.

What is e-Tendering?

It is an internet-based process in which the entire tendering process, from marketing to collecting and sending tender-related material, takes place online. This process allows businesses to become more organized as paper-based transactions are minimised or eliminated, allowing for quicker information sharing. 

Is it mandatory to have a DSC for eTendering?

  • Yes , It is mandatory to have a DSC for the process of eTendering.

Is a company required to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate in its own name for eTendering?

  • Individuals need a Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) on behalf of the company. A DSC is required when a Director or Authorized Signatory is signing on behalf of the Company.


What are the Documents required for e-Tendering DSC?

The below are the required documents according to the legal status

For an Individual:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photo

For an Proprietorship Firm:

  • Pan card of directors
  • Aadhaar card of directors
  • Passport size photo of directors
  • GST Certificate

For an private Limited Company/ partnership/LLP Documents:

  • Pan card of directors
  • Aadhaar card of directors
  • Passport size photo of directors
  • Incorporation certificate/Partnership deed
  • GST certificate
  • Authorization letter
  • Company pan card

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Types Of Certificates


With the help of Digital signature we can sign our documents digitally.  This is the most commonly used certificate.  This credential is used to sign PDF documents for uses such as tax returns, MCA, and other websites.


DSC encryption is used to encrypt a document; it is commonly used in E-tenders to assist the company in encrypting and downloading documents.  To encrypt and transfer data you may also use the certificate  Encryption DSC is ideal for online business documents, legal documents, and exchanging documents that need to be kept confidential and contain sensitive information.

How can we help you? 

Applying a Digital Signature digitally is a great decision in the present situation. Any citizen, private, public, or government body can apply for a Digital Signature Certificate online via Taxxinn, India’s recommended and hassle-free website, with their Digital Signature Partner.