How to Renew Expired Digital Signature Certificate? DSC Renewal Process.

Renew Digital Signature Certificate

Keeping your DSC up-to-date is essential for seamless digital transactions and maintaining your online identity. This blog explains the DSC renewal process in detail.

What is a Digital Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key issued by a certifying authority (CA) that validates the holder’s identity. It typically includes personal details such as name, email, country, APNIC account name, and the public key. Digital certificates operate within the Public Key Infrastructure, where the accompanying public key decrypts data digitally signed or encrypted with a private key. Renewing a DSC is necessary upon expiration.

How to Check DSC Expiry Date?

1. Insert the USB device into your computer.

2. Log in to Token Manager.

3. Select the expired certificate.

4. Check the validity period.

5. Find the expiration date of the DSC displayed.

How to Extend DSC Validity?

When your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is approaching expiration, extending its validity is a straightforward process. Typically, DSCs have 1- or 2-year validity periods, and they can be renewed for another 1 or 2 years after expiration.

DSC Validity Period

Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) come with either a 1-year or 2-year validity period. Renewal options are available upon initial expiry.

Steps Before Applying for DSC Renewal

1. In order to ensure the safety and safety of Internet transactions and the transmission of records between multiple transacting parties, the use of DSC has achieved considerable prominence.

2. The DSC is issued for a fixed amount of time on the grounds of the utilization and forms of transactions performed (1 year or 2 years validity).

3. You must receive a revised DSC on which an appeal needs to be made following the completion of the validity of the DSC. In the event of any alteration in the personal information found in the DSC, you must apply for those changes to be made to amend the DSC.

DSC Renewal Process

1. Consultation of Experts

Our experts from TaxxInn will contact you, clarify the procedure step by step, and assist you with your questions. Experts can assist you in selecting the right form of DSC appropriate for your business.

2. Collecting Records

The experts will let you know about the necessary documentation. You can give us a scanned copy of the files via email.

3. Issue a Certificate

For all the supporting documentation, we need to file the DSC application with the issuing authorities.

4. Mobile Verification

The applicant must perform a smartphone check after the application has been filed. An OTP which must be exchanged with us should have been obtained by the applicant.

5. Video Verification

The applicant should have been issued with a connection to his/her email ID. Video authentication has to be done by the claimant with the aid of the connection.

6. Certificate Downloading

The authority will cross-review the records and accept the application after all the documentation is completed. If the application is accepted, it is necessary to download the certificate from Etoken.


DSC Renewal Charges

Class III DSC renewal for 2 years costs Rs. 1000/-

DSC Renewal Documents

– PAN Card (Softcopy)

– Address Proof (Softcopy)

– Photo Copy (Softcopy)

– The Certification Form

Types of DSC Certificates


The Signature DSC is utilized for signing documents, and it’s the most commonly employed certificate for this purpose. This credential finds use in Tax Returns, MCA, and other websites for signing PDF forms. When a person signs with a DSC, it not only guarantees the authenticity of the signer but also ensures the security of the data.


Encryption comes into play when dealing with highly sensitive documents containing information that requires the utmost protection.

Signature and Encryption

The Signature and Encryption DSC serve the dual purposes of signing and encrypting data. It’s a valid choice for individuals who want to verify the authenticity and maintain the confidentiality of shared information, especially in e-tendering and e-procurement scenarios. This type of DSC is predominantly used in e-bidding, electronic auctions, and more.

DSC encryption is employed to secure text, typically in E-tenders, aiding companies in encrypting and uploading sensitive information. This certificate is also suitable for encrypting and transmitting ordered data. DSC encryption is particularly advantageous for online business records and legal documents.

Class 3 DSC

Class 3 digital signature certificates adhere to IVG guidelines and offer high security. They are used in various applications such as 

DSC Verification

DSC verification offers three methods: Aadhar-based e-KYC verification, PAN-based e-KYC verification, and GST-based verification.

DSC verification of Aadhar-based e-KYC Verification

A paperless DSC based on Aadhaar offers a simple and swift DSC acquisition method. This entire paperless DSC process not only saves you time and resources but also ensures full authentication. It relies on “Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC.”

PAN-based e-KYC Verification DSC Verification

Opting for the paperless PAN-based E-KYC DSC can substantially reduce costs. Moreover, the critical advantage of this PAN-based e-KYC is its accessibility, allowing applicants to apply anytime and from anywhere, providing them with global convenience.

DSC Verification Based on GST Verification

Under the new IVG guidelines for DSC-based GST verification, a Digital Signature Certificate for Corporate DSC-based GST authentication reduces documentation significantly and expedites the DSC processing.

Why Choose Digital Signatures?

Digital signatures ensure data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation, making them essential for secure information exchange. They reduce time and costs, improve workflow quality, enhance customer experience, provide security, offer legal validity, ensure future validity, benefit the environment, and boost business performance.

Taxxinn helps you with the  Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) Renewal at the lowest price. Get a free consultation now!

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