FSSAI Licence Renewal Process | A Detailed Guide.

fssai licence renewal process

In accordance with the rules and regulations established in the FSSAI Act 2006, the FSSAI governs businesses that are related to food. One must obtain an FSSAI licence to operate a food-related firm or participate in operations associated with the food sector. The FSSAI Licence renewal also happens to be necessary and vital. Genuinely wish to maintain conducting the food business legally as well as compliance with FSSAI laws, renewal is essential. 

The majority of entrepreneurs are clueless about the significance of having an FSSAI Licence as well as renewing it on the same basis. An FSSAI Licence has to be renewed during the current period of validity. Any business owner in the food industry who wishes to establish a company, regardless of whether it be in food manufacturing, packaging, or distribution, must submit an application for FSSAI Renewal.

A monetary penalty will be levied on the licence holder when he/she omits to submit an application seeking renewal. In addition, the business licence will expire which means he is obligated to submit a request for a new registration if his renewal application is not submitted within the time limit stipulated. The FSSAI licence is required to be renewed on a regular basis in order to prevent the imposition of harsh penalties and cancellation. Many people express doubts about this approach. In this article, we will briefly discuss the FSSAI Licence Renewal Process and the consequences faced while failing to renew the FSSAI licence.

A FSSAI Licence Renewal is Required by Whom?

Several food business operators are required to renew their FSSAI licence. Hotels, manufacturing, procurement, distribution, processing, packaging, storage, wholesalers, restaurants, food chains, food sellers and resellers, the processing food businesses like pickle and dry fruit makers, dairy and dairy processing, raw materials and spices suppliers employed by food businesses, food importers and exporters, transporters who transport food items from one place to another, retailers & places of business that have a retail food store, shop owners who have a retail food store, corporate cafeterias, as well as others are a few of them.

Different Types OF FSSAI Licence Renewal

In India there are three types of FSSAI Licence provided, there is a slight variation in the renewal process for each type of licence

  • FSSAI Basic Registration Renewal

When FBOs have a culinary business revenue per year under Rs. 12 lakh, the FSSAI Basic Registration renewal will be applicable. Applicants have to submit Form A in order to get a renewal. 

  • FSSAI State Licence Renewal 

For FBOs with a yearly food business revenue of more than Rs. 12 lakh yet not exceeding Rs. 20 crore, the FSSAI State Licence renewal will be applicable. They need to submit Form B in order to apply for a renewal. 

  • FSSAI Central Licence Renewal 

FBOs possessing a food business annual revenue worth more than Rs. 20 crores are entitled to apply for the FSSAI Central Licence renewal. They need to submit Form B in order to apply for a renewal. 

Benefits of FSSAI Licence Renewal 

  • Compliance: With the renewal of your FSSAI licence, you are able to guarantee that your business has complied with all of the FSSAI’s rules regarding food safety and quality.
  • Credibility: Renewal of your FSSAI licence enhances the credibility of your company and gives your clients confidence that you adhere to the highest standards for food safety.
  • Competitive advantage:  An up-to-date FSSAI licence provides the business a competitive edge and differentiates the business from unlicenced competitors.
  • Consumer trust: The renewal of your FSSAI licence indicates your dedication to food safety and quality, which builds customer trust.

Documents Required for FSSAI Licence Renewal

One will be obligated to submit the subsequent documents for the purpose of renewing the current FSSAI licence:

  • Licence Number issued by FSSAI.
  • Identification document necessary for the authorised signatory.
  • a document verifying the business’s address.
  • Certificate either Licence for FSSAI Registration.
  • In accordance with the type of licence, Form A or Form B is needed.
  • Declaration establishing a food safety management strategy.
  • From the manufacturer, an official letter of approval.
  • Form IX affidavit for proprietorship, partnership, or a company, whichever is suitable.
Apply for FSSAI Online

FSSAI Licence Renewal Online Procedure

The following procedures need to be conducted if you wish to renew the FSSAI registration or licence number:

  • Visit the FSSAI website and tap the renewal option.
  • Type in the FSSAI licence/registration number that comes with your current FSSAI licence.
  • Complete each space on the licence renewal form with the appropriate information.
  • By checking the appropriate box, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • In order to finish the application form, select the “Licence Renew” option.
  • To acquire the renewed FSSAI licence number, accomplish the payment process.
  • The submission of your application will be validated by the department, then you’ll be provided with your updated FSSAI licence number for registration through email.

FSSAI Renewal Fees 

The fees for renewing an FSSAI licence or registration remain the same as those for procuring a new FSSAI licence or registration. In accordance with the annual turnover and manufacturing capacity of the food industry, different licence or registration fees vary. The fssai renewal fees for 1 year ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 7500.

FSSAI Licence Validity

The FSSAI licence validity period, which can range from 1 to 5 years, the licence should be renewed before it expires to continue the business to be in existence.

Consequences of Non-Renewal of FSSAI Licence 

  • When an FSSAI licence renewal application fails to be submitted within 30 days of the licence expiry date, the FBO is going to be levied an FSSAI licence renewal penalty of Rs. 100 per day.
  • For the benefit of food businesses in continuing to utilise the same licence number beyond the expiration date, it had been agreed upon, under Food Authority authorization, that the owners of food businesses apply for the renewal of the FSSAI Licence/Registration even after the expiry date in order to avoid the penalties mentioned below.
  • The annual licence or registration fee is going to triple during the very first 90- days after the first expiration date.
  • Pay an extra two times the present annual licence/registration price (such as a total of 5 times) from the 91st to 180th day after the first expiration date. 


The FSSAI Licence needs to be updated before it expires to make the business function. Whenever your food licence will shortly expire, get attentive as well as realise that your application must apply 30 days before the expiration date to renew your FSSAI licence or registration. The process is partly automated, and just a portion of the submission process has been finished online. The need to adhere to particular safety norms demands an in-depth assessment. At Taxxinn, our expert team will assist you with the whole FSSAI Licence renewal process and help you to get renewed on time and also to get the FSSAI licence registered.

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