Gumasta Licence Cancellation Online | How to do?

Gumasta License cancellation online

Operating any type of business in India necessitates specific licences and certificates. These documents serve as legitimate evidence that you have effectively concluded all procedures in accordance with both central and state regulations. Furthermore, the licensing procedure is essential to ensure that businesses align with the established regulations. In addition to the commonly required certificates, such as a certificate of incorporation, an entrepreneur must also comply with the Shop and Establishment Act by initiating a licence application.

Each state government has its own distinct regulations concerning the Shops and Establishment Act. In the state of Maharashtra, a business owner is obligated to obtain the Gumasta Licence to conduct business activities. The administration of the Gumasta Licence falls under the jurisdiction of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, in accordance with the Shops and Establishment Act.

The business owner of an enterprise could occasionally choose to shut it down if circumstances and the situation demand it since registering the business offers gates of opportunities. There are quite a few legal requirements that have to be completed irrespective of whether an establishment has been registered to be kept either open or closed, or indeed whether it is. It is essential that the shop’s licenced owner adheres to the established rules and regulations. This article explains the procedure that needs to be performed for the Gumasta license cancellation online.

Shop And Establishment Act In India

The Shops and Establishment Act of 1954 was introduced to control the amount of revenue given to workers, the number of hours they work, and for how long they have been employed. The Act indicates to regulate acceptable workplace conditions for employees that work in various shops and business organisations across India.

A licence is additionally needed in India to run, control, and sustain a commercial enterprise, as per the Act. The Act includes regulations for opening their doors, developing, and closing stores, that could be worthwhile paying consideration to.
Shops and Establishment Act Maharashtra, 2017 (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act stipulates that every company in Maharashtra to register. As a result, anyone planning to set up a store in Mumbai, Pune, or another district of Maharashtra should have the appropriate licences. Yet the Act additionally includes organisations operated for profit, such as organisations, nonprofit organisations, and educational institutions.

Shop and Establishment Act Registration Online

Procedure for Gumasta License Cancellation Online

The applications for the cancellation of the gumasta licence must be submitted online. You are able to proceed with the steps listed below:-

  1. The applicant needs to login into the municipal corporation’s website.
  2. By providing an OTP number through the applicant’s registered email address or mobile phone number, the verification process for winding up a business has been finished.
  3. To cancel their licence, the applicant needs to fill complete a document that has been specifically required for every single state.
  4. The applicant has to submit the form alongside additional proof (a hard copy of the employee’s paid dues), following filling out every necessary field on the specified forms.
  5. The applicant needs to print a copy of the application after he has completed all of the steps listed above.
  6. Additionally, the applicant must provide notice in writing of the closing of his business to the local inspector within ten days.
  7. The officer in charge is going to examine the application, to ensure everything mentioned throughout is accurate, they’re going to cancel the licence certificate.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • Each state offers specific shop and establishment licence cancellation forms.
  • You need to state a valid reason in the cancellation form.
  •  Utilise the cancellation form designated for your state, which is accessible on the website.
  • Complete the application with precision, diligence, and full information.
  • Submit the application within 10 days from shutting down your business.
  • When requesting licence cancellation, ensure the accurate mention of your shop and establishment licence registration number.
  • The application should encompass all establishment particulars: name, address, registration number, and payment specifics.


Under the Shop and Establishment Act of India, it’s essential to thoroughly understand how the relevant government authority operates and oversees businesses in the country before launching or discontinuing a new business. The organisation responsible for extending or revoking licences for shop owners nationwide has established specific regulations and standards for this purpose. To obtain a licence and operate a shop or establishment, one must adhere to these regulations and follow the protocols outlined by the relevant authority. Whether you’re cancelling, renewing, or registering a gumasta licence, at Taxxinn, we guide you through all these processes hassle-free.

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