FSSAI Licence for Cold Storage: What It Is, the Process, and Required Documents.

FSSAI licence for cold storage

The FSSAI Act covers all food and chemicals designed for human consumption, regardless of whether they undergo full or partial production. This includes all types of imported food, especially those modified or containing genetic material, infant food, packaged beverages, and primary food products. It also encompasses consumable alcohol, beverages, and water used in food preparation.

Food and drug products can be stored in cold storage facilities, which include freezers for preserving perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and processed meats. These facilities regulate and maintain the temperature.

However, this situation presents a double-edged sword. While we receive less produce during consumption, we are forced to pay higher prices for available food. Consequently, there is an urgent need to establish a robust and efficient cold chain infrastructure from farm to customer. The following article will discuss the Cold Storage Business, FSSAI Registration, and the benefits of an FSSAI licence for Cold Storage Business.

What is a Cold Storage Business?

A cold storage facility functions as a walk-in freezer capable of storing perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, or medicines at low temperatures. To maintain a controlled thermal environment and extend the nutritional value of these products while minimizing the harmful effects of germs, a cooling system or cold storage facility is indispensable. The cold storage industry is among India’s most prosperous sectors, making it imperative to establish a well-structured business strategy when launching such an operation in India. The government has formulated guidelines for cold storage businesses. FSSAI Registration stands out as a vital prerequisite for a cold storage business.

FSSAI Licence for Cold Storage

An FSSAI Licence is required to participate in virtually any kind of storage business, according to the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006

  • Cold or Refrigerated Storage

Cold or refrigerated storage involves storing frozen or refrigerated food items, whether packed or unpacked, in refrigerated or freezing spaces to prepare them for onward distribution.

  • Cold and Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Controlled atmosphere storage is the process of preserving food items in tightly controlled storage facilities, whether packaged or not, for subsequent distribution. It involves maintaining specific conditions within the storage space, including temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentrations. This method is used for storing dried goods and agricultural products.

  • Apart from a controlled atmosphere and cold storage

Food products are stored in preservation areas, commonly referred to as warehouses or go-downs, whether they are packed or unpacked, to facilitate distribution at a later date.

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FSSAI Registration Process for Cold Storage

  • Select the type of licence that is needed: The first step is to determine the kind of licence or registration that your organisation is looking for.
    • Basic FSSAI Registration – Annual turnover up to Rs. 12 lakhs.
    • State Licence – Annual turnover above Rs. 12 lakhs and within RS. 30 crores.
    • Central Licence- Annual turnover above Rs. 30 crores.
  • Select the category for your business: The second step is selecting the kind of business for which you will apply for an FSSAI registration or licence.
  • Make a login on the FSSAI website: The applicant needs to log in as a user on the FSSAI website and generate a user ID and password.
  • Filling out an application for the FSSAI: Two forms would be available for selection. Either Form-A or Form-B are used for licensing. Fill in all necessary questions after making the appropriate form selections, then select the food code you would like to apply for.
  • Attach the necessary document: After uploading the form, the applicant must attach the necessary documents, such as a 
  •  Provide proof of your identity and address.
  • Evidence of your business address (such as a Lease Deed or Rental Agreement).
  • Include your Certificate of Incorporation if you’re a company or a Partnership Agreement if you’re in a partnership.
  • Outline the specifics of the food products you intend to handle.
  • Present the food safety management plan.
  • A licence or registration fee must be paid: The individual applying for a document will proceed to the payment screen after finishing the form and including any necessary documents. In this instance, you must complete the application fee payment, which is determined based on the application’s annual charge.
  • Time Required to Register with FSSAI for food storage activities: Between 10 to 30 days, a basic FSSAI Licence could be obtained. State and Central licences, in contrast to that, can be issued in 30 to 60 days.

Additional Documents to Obtain Fssai Registration for Cold Storage

The applicant must prepare additional documents to apply for a cold storage business, and they need to create a file and organise these documents.

  • Include the Annexure detailing the Annual Turnover.
  • For Companies, provide a List of Directors along with their respective information.
  • Submit valid Identity and Address proof issued by Government authorities for the Proprietor, Partner, Director(s), or Authorized Signatory.
  • Attach recent photographs of the Proprietor, Partner, Director(s), or Authorized Signatory.
  • Furnish evidence of the business location, such as a Sale Deed, Rent Agreement, or Electricity Bill.
  • Companies should provide a Board Resolution authorising the designated signatory.


If you wish to initiate a food storage business, you must initially register with the FSSAI. Food storage activities fall under the same category thus, FSSAI licence for cold storage is a must in India. Regardless of the sales volume, FSSAI registration for the food industry is mandatory. Every operator engaged in food business activities must possess an FSSAI Licence. At Taxxinn, we will assist you in obtaining the FSSAI licence effortlessly.

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